Living History Reenacting

Sutlers and Vendors

2024 Sutler Fee is Waived

1. Early set up for Sutler's will be after 12 noon on Sunday, April 28th. Gate will close at 8pm, please plan your trip accordingly.  All vehicles MUST be out of camp by dark on Monday. 

2.  Anyone who offers goods for sale, trade or barter with a total value over $500.00 will pay a Sutler fee of $25.00 in addition to the registration fee. Prize donations will be greatly appreciated and accepted.

3.  Blanket traders - anyone who has one blanket or hide, and total value of goods is less than $500.00, will not be charged the Sutler fee.

4.  There will be no modern Sutler area.

5.  The Sutler area is open to the public Tues. through Sat. from 10am until 5pm. A fee of $5.00 per vehicle will be charged.

6.  All camps and vehicles must be vacated from the property by noon on the Monday following the event.

7.  All trade goods, as well as your attire, MUST pertain to the 1740 - 1840 Fur Trade Era. NO VISIBLE modern packaging is permitted.  Items are to be displayed in period correct containers. NO plastic candy wrappers, plastic boxes, cellophane packaging, etc. Show a sample without the wrapper and keep the others out of sight.  No pop-guns or jaw breakers. Treats and toys are nice for children, but please keep in mind the time period we are recreating.

8.  Dealers with questions regarding the sale or possession of Animal Parts contact the PA Game Commission at 1-833-742-4868.

9.  PA State sales tax is 6%.

Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.  If a member of our staff asks you to put something away or correct a display, please do not take it personally. Together we can provide a quality event for our buckskinner family as well as for the public.


1.  If any State and/or Federal rules apply, they will be followed and it is the     responsibility of the vendor to contact the appropriate agency for compliance.  PA Dept. of Agriculture in Lancaster County - (717) 705-4732.

2.  All propane systems, including pilot lights, must be completely shut down when NOT in use.

3.  It is required that all cooking stations have a fire extinguisher.

4.  All propane systems will be inspected. Vendors will be responsible for any fees.

5.  Please have trash receptacles available - non period items are not to leave your site.